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Affirmation Cards + Journal Bundle

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Affirmation Cards:
This set of beautifully illustrated embossed cards with gold foil detailing, present a selection of the most important quotes from This Night - to remind you of what’s important, or sometimes sarcastically tell you like it is.

Each set comes with a gold card presentation stand, in a perfectly sized latch case to keep your knowledge safe. You can draw one in the morning to set an intention, have it stood in your space as a constant reminder, or just flick through them to get your head back in the game and appreciate the beautiful designs.

Mindfulness Journal:
Keep track of your life and how you feel with this journal - designed to help organise your priorities and make sure you’re looking after yourself!

With silver detailing on a matte black cover and minimal illustrations throughout, this is the perfect practical partner to This Night, or a space for creative expression/emotional venting. It’s easy to carry, hardback, undated (so no pressure) and every other page is blank to do with as you please.